zen interiors interior design

Welcome to Zen Interiors!

We at Zen Interiors, Inc. have a vision where EACH and EVERY person will live, work and learn in environments that soothe their souls; that call them to be more peaceful, more loving, more productive and more joyful; environments that cause a rebirth of their dreams and desires.

What would be possible when each of us is surrounded by life giving environments? Environments that take us on magical journeys through space and time. Where ceilings, walls and floors disappear opening secret passages to higher places to one’s inner soul. Causing a genesis of love, peace and of life itself. Places where people live, work and learn that call them to be more than they thought themselves to be. Places that cause them to "oo" and "ah" like when they first saw a shooting star in the heavens or took in the majesty of the ocean at sunset. Places that cause that "floating feeling" one gets when love shows up. Places that generate ALL people to believe ANYTHING is possible, a feeling they may have lost along their way.

What would it be like to enter your home with a warm welcome greeting through voice activated environments; when you place your key in the front door your favorite music begins to play or the relaxing sounds of a water fall. Imagine your favorite aromas released in the air around you; the perfect lighting for each time of day each season of the year is instant. You’re soothed by colors and textures specifically chosen for your life’s quests. Each item is placed with perfect balance through the art of sacred geometry and Feng Shui. Imagine an environment created souly to embrace, support and take care of both you and the planet. We design for the soul purpose of attracting that which you secretly desire in your life.

We ask you this: Are you ready for your journey?